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Publication dateSeptember 2009 MBC176 Who Saved the Mersey? With salmon now having returned to the River Mersey it is hard to believe that only a couple of decades ago it was virtually lifeless and essentially an open sewer. The Mersey Basin Campaign was set up in order to tackle the appalling state of the Mersey through innovative partnership working and local action. Now the Mersey Basin Campaign has come to the end of its 25 year lifespan and Matthew Sutcliffe takes the opportunity to talk to key people who have worked with the Campaign over the years and explores who killed the Mersey, who helped clean it up and was it worth it? Publication dateSeptember 2009 MBC178 Thirteen from Twenty-five Source introduces the thirteen critical success factors that guided the Mersey Basin Campaign through 25 years of environmental action. Publication dateNovember 2009 MBC211 Audio - Mersey Basin Campaign and social media Chief Executive Walter Menzies and New Media Manager Kate Fox discuss the Campaign's use of social media tools. This piece was originally recorded for use on the resource site for the third sector. Publication dateSeptember 2009 MBC212 Presentation - The Mersey Basin Campaign MBC Chair, Professor Peter Batey's presentation to the Campaign's final conference in 2009. An overview of the Campaign's 25 years' work. Publication dateSeptember 2009 MBC214 Mersey Basin Video Nation A short video compilation showing Campaign staff, key partners and stakeholders talking about what the Mersey Basin Campaign has meant to them. This video was originally created for the Campaign's final conference. Publication dateSeptember 2009 MBC215 Video - Bishop James Jones The Right Reverend James Jones, Bishop of Liverpool, reflects on the impact of the Mersey Basin Campaign at their final conference. Publication dateJanuary 2006 MBC220 Map of Mersey Basin Campaign Area Stylised map showing the area in which the Campaign worked. Publication dateSeptember 2008 MBC221 Mersey Basin Campaign - 5 verbs to describe how we operate Five key verbs that together describe how the Mersey Basin Campaign worked.