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Publication dateDecember 2001 MBC058 A collaborative partnership approach to integrated waterside revitilisation: the experience of the Mersey Basin Campaign in the Northwest of England (PhD thesis) The emergence of a new model of governance, bringing together governmental and non-governmental forces to achieve the policy goal, calls for a novel form of partnership driven by interdependence and networking between a range of actors. Although this approach is often described as ‘collaborative planning’, there is widespread acknowledgement that the ‘new’ practice has operational difficulties. This paper draws on the results of a research project investigating how a concrete example of collaborative partnerships, the Mersey Basin Campaign in North West of England, can operate for integrated waterside revitalisation. The Mersey Basin Campaign is a government-sponsored 25-year initiative that aims to improve water quality and the waterside environments of the Mersey Basin, a heavily urbanised area containing the two conurbations of Merseyside and Greater Manchester. In Australia, 1999, the Campaign won the Inaugural River Prize as the World’s best river-management initiative by far of environmental co-operation between all partners. From the experience of the Campaign, our research identified three key aspects of integrated waterside revitalisation; consensus building, facilitation and open participation. In carrying out the study, six detailed case studies within the Campaign’s activities have been investigated in the context of three key aspects. About 40 semi-structured interviews have been undertaken, and over 25 meetings and field works have been observed. Our research shows having shared ownership of the partnership, which can be motivated from feelings of achievements among member representatives are fundamental for effective partnership service delivery. It has been seen that once the representatives have ownership of the partnership, they act as a catalyst to stimulate and motivate action from their parent organisations. Publication dateMarch 2004 MBC063 Spotlight - Sara Wilde Source talks to Sara Wilde, Chair of Mersey Waterfront about the partnership's ambitious plans to revitalise and regenerate the River Mersey's historic waterfront. Publication dateJune 2004 MBC066 Otters, Orchids and Oil Erikka Askeland talks to Cheshire Wildlife Trust about the Gowy Meadows Nature Reserve, a wet grassland habitat and natural flood plain providing a vital haven for wildlife located right next door to the countries second largest oil refinery. Publication dateDecember 2006 MBC103 International Rescue A meeting has been held in Herdecke, Germany aiming to review and reflect on the success of projects delivered through the EU-funded Artery project. The project involved three partner countries, Germany, Holland and the UK and was concerned with the regeneration of four waterways suffering from post-industrial decline. Members of the partner countries discuss what they have achieved so far and how the lessons learned have not only enhanced each other’s projects but will also help inform future projects. Publication dateSeptember 2008 MBC139 Spotlight - Liverpool Sailing Club Ciara Leeming talks to members of the newly reopened Liverpool Sailing Club. After an arson attack in 2001 the future of the club was hanging in the balance but due its determined members and a successful partnership project the sailing club has now been officially reopened by HRH Princess Anne. Publication dateNovember 2009 MBC148 Mersey Basin Campaign partnership structure diagram A diagram showing the Campaign's partnership structure. Publication dateJanuary 2005 MBC160 ICREW Brochure Introductory brochure for the Interreg-funded project ICREW – Improving coastal and recreational waters for all. The Mersey Basin Campaign was a partner on pilot action 5, re-identifying recreational waters. Publication dateSeptember 2008 MBC162 International Thiess Riverprize 1999 Inaugural Winners Profile Inaugural winners profile for the 1999 Thiess Riverprize award. Content written by Walter Menzies for a book marking the tenth anniversary of the Prize, summarising the history, achievements and ethos of the Mersey Basin Campaign.