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Publication dateSeptember 2007 MBC163 Spatial planning, water and Water Framework Directive: insights from theory and practice This paper explores the potential and actual role of spatial planning in addressing challenges associated with water environment. This enables an assessment to be made of the extent to which spatial planning can help to meet the goals of the Water Framework Directive. Publication dateSeptember 2007 MBC168 Water: local planning and management Handbook created by the Interreg-funded ENMaR project partners. The report highlights good practice concerning water management. It also provides resource tools to municipalities to aid them in meeting the requirements of the Water Framework Directive (WFD). The handbook outlines the project’s themes and describes the partner regions involved. A chapter is given to each of the key themes of the project (spatial planning, tourism, water management, agriculture and forestry) which highlight differences and similarities among the regions. Publication dateJanuary 2007 MBC171 Water: local planning and management: Annex 1 Water: Local Planning and Management ENMaR Annex 1 Publication dateJanuary 2007 MBC172 Water: local planning and management: Annex 2 Water: Local Planning and Management, ENMaR Annex 2 Publication dateDecember 2009 MBC233 Case study: ENMaR This case study is part of a specially written series focusing on the delivery of some of our key projects and events. They are designed to show you how some of our projects were delivered. Each case study provides background information, examines the original project idea, methodology, funding information, looks at who was involved, and draws out lessons learned from the experience. We hope these case studies will prove useful and inspirational, especially for those delivering similar work. This case study focuses on the European Interreg IIIc-funded ENMaR project, which aimed to help people in local authorities understand the impact of the EU's Water Framework Directive on their work.