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Publication dateJanuary 2001 MBC002 Mersey Basin Campaign Council Constitution This is the constitution of the Campaign's governing council, within which key stakeholders give strategic direction and policy guidance to the organisation. This document covers the purpose, status, functions and procedures of the Council, along with details of its membership. Publication dateFebruary 1983 MBC009 Letter from Michael Heseltine and Government Consultation Paper (Department of the Environment, 1983) The document which proposed the idea for the Mersey Basin Campaign. Then Secretary of State for the Environment Michael Heseltine's letter lays down the challenge for Northwest England, proposing a long term, multi-partner campaign, and the accompanying government consultation paper sets out the possible aims and scope of such an organisation. Publication dateSeptember 1986 MBC010 Mersey Basin Campaign - new life for the North West An early prospectus produced shortly after the Campaign was launched, and aimed at attracting potential partners. Details some of the improvement work that had already been done, as well as proposed future projects. Also includes information on how the Campaign was organised at the time. Publication dateMay 1999 MBC011 Sustainable development and institutional design: the example of the Mersey Basin Campaign The Mersey Basin Campaign was established in 1985 in the North West of England to address continuing problems of water quality and associated landward dereliction of the River Mersey and its tributaries. The Campaign's premise that water quality should be improved both for its own sake and as a stimulus to regeneration has proved to be well founded and has subsequently been extended to embrace community action to help nurture watercourse improvement and care. The Campaign can now be seen as a model for engaging coordinated environmental action through a partnership approach. This paper explores the structure of the Mersey Basin Campaign, arguing that the Campaign stood as a model for what would become an increasing need to develop focused environmental planning and management at the subregional and regional level. Publication dateMay 2000 MBC012 The Mersey Basin Campaign and its River Valley Initiatives: an appropriate model for the management of rivers? This paper provides a brief overview of river management experience in the UK, charting changing approaches in terms of scope and organisation since the 1970s. This is followed by a more detailed examination of the Mersey Basin Campaign and its River Valley Initiatives (predecessors to the local Action Partnerships). The conclusion evaluates this approach in relation to sustainable river management. Publication dateSeptember 2008 MBC050 Partnership case study: MWH Case study focusing on the partnership between the Mersey Basin Campaign and MWH. The document examines the reasons for MWH's involvement with the Campaign, the nature of their partnership, and draws out some of the benefits gained from the union. Publication dateJanuary 2009 MBC053 Mersey Basin Campaign corporate plan 2009-10 The last edition of the Campaign's annual corporate plan, which outlines the way the the organisation planned for the end of its life. The document also gives a useful overview of the Mersey Basin Campaign's areas of activity, projects and approaches. Publication dateNovember 1997 MBC055 Building a healthier economy through a cleaner environment: Mersey Basin Campaign mid term report This report provides an assessment of the Mersey Basin Campaign at the mid-point in its 25 year life span. Contents include; an outline of the current organisational framework of the campaign, the importance of partnership in translating campaign objectives into action, progress in the three principal areas of campaign activity: water quality, landward regeneration and education and awareness. Finally the report looks to the future and explores some of the issues and factors which were likely to shape the direction of the campaign over the following twelve years.