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Publication dateJanuary 2006 MBC004 Factsheet - Freshwater Fish A brief factsheet on freshwater fish, specifically those found in Northwest England. This document covers species of freshwater fish found in Great Britain, with more detail on those found in the waterways of the Northwest. Publication dateMarch 2007 MBC065 The Mersey Estuary: a case of mistaken identity...almost! Article dealing with the mistaken inclusion of the Mersey Estuary in a list of marine 'dead zones' in 2006. Publication dateSeptember 2009 MBC177 Wild Mersey (Source) The Mersey Estuary was once labelled the most polluted estuary in Europe. Today that statement couldn’t be further than the truth. Since the rivers epic clean-up campaign the estuary has become a site of international importance for bird species and the wider river basin plays host to a range of diverse habitats that support numerous animal, plant and bird species. Chris Baines examines some of the natural wonders of the Mersey Basin and introduces us to a few of the fantastic species that make the River Mersey their home. Publication dateJune 2007 MBC207 Audio - Mersey Baton Relay Jim Court of Stockport Community Cycling reflects on his part in the Mersey Baton Relay. Publication dateSeptember 2009 MBC212 Presentation - The Mersey Basin Campaign MBC Chair, Professor Peter Batey's presentation to the Campaign's final conference in 2009. An overview of the Campaign's 25 years' work. Publication dateDecember 2009 MBC227 Case study: Sammy the Celebrity Salmon This case study is part of a specially written series focusing on our local action projects. They are designed to show you how some of our best projects were delivered. Each case study provides background information, examines the original project idea, methodology, funding information, looks at who was involved, and draws out lessons learned from the experience. We hope these case studies will prove useful and inspirational, especially for those delivering similar work. This case study focuses on the adventures of Sammy the celebrity Mersey salmon, and his baton relay event. This was an awareness-raising communications campaign in which the salmon-shaped baton was transported along the Mersey by a range of community groups.