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Publication dateJanuary 2006 MBC007 Factsheet - Water Efficiency A brief factsheet on water efficiency. This document provides background information on global water scarcity, as well as tips and ideas for saving water in the home, garden and workplace. Publication dateMarch 2008 MBC128 Water Pressures With the amount of rain we get in the Northwest it is hard to believe that water could ever possibly be in short supply. In reality though, water supplies in the UK are already under serious threat, a threat which will only be exacerbated once climate change starts making an impact. With drier summers on the horizons water shortage will become a major issue not just for people, but for our environment as well. Matthew Sutcliffe takes a look at the bleak future of our region’s water supplies and examines United Utilities’ strategic direction statement that sets out its plans for coping with the challenges of climate change and our over-use of water.