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Publication dateJanuary 2006 MBC003 Factsheet - Diffuse Pollution A brief factsheet on the issue of diffuse pollution (pollution that comes from a range of activities without a discrete source). This document defines diffuse pollution and covers types of diffuse pollution, its effects, the costs associated, and links to further reading and resources on the subject. Publication dateJanuary 2006 MBC005 Factsheet - River Mersey (6 minute expert) A brief factsheet about the River Mersey in the Northwest of England. This document covers the geography of the river catchment, water quality and improvement, wildlife, and Mersey Waterfront regional park. Publication dateJanuary 2006 MBC006 Factsheet - River Ribble A brief factsheet about the River Ribble in the Northwest of England. This document covers the geography of the river catchment, water quality and improvement and future issues. Publication dateSeptember 2006 MBC008 Breathing new life into the Mersey: Water quality and fisheries in the Mersey Estuary - a historical perspective Taking a long-term perspective, this scientific paper provides detailed information about the effects of improvements in water quality on the fish population of the Mersey. Publication dateFebruary 1983 MBC009 Letter from Michael Heseltine and Government Consultation Paper (Department of the Environment, 1983) The document which proposed the idea for the Mersey Basin Campaign. Then Secretary of State for the Environment Michael Heseltine's letter lays down the challenge for Northwest England, proposing a long term, multi-partner campaign, and the accompanying government consultation paper sets out the possible aims and scope of such an organisation. Publication dateSeptember 1986 MBC010 Mersey Basin Campaign - new life for the North West An early prospectus produced shortly after the Campaign was launched, and aimed at attracting potential partners. Details some of the improvement work that had already been done, as well as proposed future projects. Also includes information on how the Campaign was organised at the time. Publication dateJune 2003 MBC034 Bathing Beauties Iain Herbert investigates an EU-funded Interreg project - ICREW - which surveyed and re-designated the Northwest's bathing and recreational waters. Publication dateSeptember 2003 MBC039 Chemical Solutions Paul Unger reports on the extent to which environmental standards were impacting on the way the chemicals industry operated in the Northwest - how chemicals companies contributed to the huge improvements in water quality in our rivers, and how the Environment Agency regulates their activities.