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Publication dateOctober 2008 MBC054 Making the most of the Mersey - 2nd edition A document by Mersey Waterfront on making the most of the Merseyside's waters for leisure and recreation. Including local cycle rides and information on local nature. Publication dateJanuary 2007 MBC171 Water: local planning and management: Annex 1 Water: Local Planning and Management ENMaR Annex 1 Publication dateJanuary 2007 MBC172 Water: local planning and management: Annex 2 Water: Local Planning and Management, ENMaR Annex 2 Publication dateJanuary 2006 MBC007 Factsheet - Water Efficiency A brief factsheet on water efficiency. This document provides background information on global water scarcity, as well as tips and ideas for saving water in the home, garden and workplace. Publication dateSeptember 2007 MBC168 Water: local planning and management Handbook created by the Interreg-funded ENMaR project partners. The report highlights good practice concerning water management. It also provides resource tools to municipalities to aid them in meeting the requirements of the Water Framework Directive (WFD). The handbook outlines the project’s themes and describes the partner regions involved. A chapter is given to each of the key themes of the project (spatial planning, tourism, water management, agriculture and forestry) which highlight differences and similarities among the regions. Publication dateSeptember 2008 MBC169 Morecambe Bay Expert Group - final report A report on the Morecambe Bay Expert Group event in September 2008. A range of regeneration, design and environmental experts visited Morecambe Bay in order to pick out key points and projects that could be used to promote the idea of a regional park for Morecambe Bay and Duddon. The experts were: Kate Willard, Facilitator (rural, Cumbrian issues) Simon, Bedford Drivers Jonas (property, regeneration) Anthony Benson, Urban Practitioners (urban design, planning) Ian Banks, Atoll (arts, cultural heritage and architecture) Walter Menzies, Mersey Basin Campaign (water, sustainability) Also attending were: Susannah Bleakley, Morecambe Bay Partnership Sarah Heyes, RPX Manager The report summarises the findings of the group. Publication dateMarch 2009 MBC218 Video - Emscher Experts Video clips from the 2009 Regional Parks Xchange study tour to the Emscher Landscape Park in Germany. We asked each of the German experts we met for one piece of advice when working on regional park project. Publication dateMarch 2009 MBC217 Video - Emscher Lessons Video clips of the participants in 2009's Regional Parks Xchange study tour to the Emscher Landscape Park in Germany. Each delegate was asked to tell us what they'd learned from the trip and would take back to their own regional park project.