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Publication dateMay 1999 MBC011 Sustainable development and institutional design: the example of the Mersey Basin Campaign The Mersey Basin Campaign was established in 1985 in the North West of England to address continuing problems of water quality and associated landward dereliction of the River Mersey and its tributaries. The Campaign's premise that water quality should be improved both for its own sake and as a stimulus to regeneration has proved to be well founded and has subsequently been extended to embrace community action to help nurture watercourse improvement and care. The Campaign can now be seen as a model for engaging coordinated environmental action through a partnership approach. This paper explores the structure of the Mersey Basin Campaign, arguing that the Campaign stood as a model for what would become an increasing need to develop focused environmental planning and management at the subregional and regional level. Publication dateSeptember 1999 MBC161 International Thiess Riverprize Citation 1999 Citation on the occasion of the award of the 1999 international Theiss Riverprize in Brisbane, Australia. Awarded to the Mersey Basin Campaign to mark fifteen years of dramatic improvement to the North West region of England.