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Publication dateApril 2000 MBC056 The Mersey Estuary - back from the dead? Solving a 150 year old problem The Mersey Estuary has suffered a legacy of abuse and neglect since the beginning of the industrial revolution. The discharge of effluents from manufacturing processes, together with wastewater from the burgeoning centres of population, resulted in the estuary gaining the unenviable reputation of bring one of the most polluted rivers in Europe. As a result of the long awaited remedial action, which has been implemented over the past fifteen years, there is now unequivocal evidence that the water quality of the river and the biology of the system have improved significantly and will continue to do so as further planned alleviation schemes are completed. This paper reviews the achievements, which have been made at the halfway stage in the 25-year multi-billion pound clean up campaign. Publication dateMay 2000 MBC012 The Mersey Basin Campaign and its River Valley Initiatives: an appropriate model for the management of rivers? This paper provides a brief overview of river management experience in the UK, charting changing approaches in terms of scope and organisation since the 1970s. This is followed by a more detailed examination of the Mersey Basin Campaign and its River Valley Initiatives (predecessors to the local Action Partnerships). The conclusion evaluates this approach in relation to sustainable river management. Publication dateJuly 2000 MBC244 Memories of the Mersey Basin Campaign Personal reflections on the first 15 years of the Mersey Basin Campaign's life from former Chief Planner for Cheshire County Council, Ian Gilfoyle.