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Publication dateJanuary 2009 MBC053 Mersey Basin Campaign corporate plan 2009-10 The last edition of the Campaign's annual corporate plan, which outlines the way the the organisation planned for the end of its life. The document also gives a useful overview of the Mersey Basin Campaign's areas of activity, projects and approaches. Publication dateMarch 2009 MBC140 Beat the Credit Crunch Everyone is feeling the pinch from the credit crunch and that pinch turns into a nasty bite once winter draws in and your energy bills soar. Louise Tickle goes to talk to two people who have used different approaches to make their homes more eco-friendly and by doing so, have made them cheaper to run. She discusses the methods they’ve used to ensure their houses become more energy efficient and learns about the effect this has had on their bills. Publication dateMarch 2009 MBC141 Winds of Fortune The UK has recently overtaken Denmark as the world’s largest producer of offshore energy, with six active wind farms located around the British coast. However to meet the government’s targets of producing 15% of the country’s energy from renewable sources by 2020, we are going to need a lot more wind farms. The UK is ideally suited for offshore generation, not only do we have ample winds but also shallow seas that make it cheaper and easier to install the huge turbines. Mark Hillsdon explores the economic and environmental benefits of offshore energy generation, focussing particularly on the Northwest and looks at the challenges and opportunities faced by this budding industry. Publication dateMarch 2009 MBC142 Environmental Champion - Pete Bradshaw Source talks to Pete Bradshaw, corporate social responsibility manager at Manchester City Football Club. He discusses how his previous career led him to his current position and explains the ways Manchester City FC are working with communities to promote sustainability. Publication dateMarch 2009 MBC204 SourceNW Issue 19 Projects To Inspire - Andrew Peacock Comment - Alice Owen Funding Finder Beat The Credit Crunch - Louise Tickle Comment - Ian Christie I Love My... Whizzgo - Jan Rowley How To... Change A Lightbulb Winds Of Fortune - Mark Hillsdon Green Rooms - Ciara Leeming Environmental Champion - Pete Bradshaw Every Little Helps Publication dateMarch 2009 MBC217 Video - Emscher Lessons Video clips of the participants in 2009's Regional Parks Xchange study tour to the Emscher Landscape Park in Germany. Each delegate was asked to tell us what they'd learned from the trip and would take back to their own regional park project. Publication dateMarch 2009 MBC218 Video - Emscher Experts Video clips from the 2009 Regional Parks Xchange study tour to the Emscher Landscape Park in Germany. We asked each of the German experts we met for one piece of advice when working on regional park project. Publication dateJune 2009 MBC223 Northwest Business Environment Awards brochure 2009 Brochure for the 2009 Northwest Business Environment Awards, run by the Campaign, which recognise excellence in environmental management and sustainability.