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Publication dateSeptember 2004 MBC072 Wind In Their Sails Liverpool Sailing Club is preparing for the construction of their new clubhouse now that the exciting plans have been unveiled. Members of the club, which has been running since 1958, are eagerly anticipating the new build that will replace their old clubhouse that was burnt down during an arson attack. The new clubhouse is expected to become a hub for water sports enthusiasts new and old and is hoped will help to bring the River Mersey back to life for the recreation and enjoyment of all. Publication dateSeptember 2008 MBC203 SourceNW Issue 18 Regional Round-Up Bazaar Sounds Of The City - John Robb How Green Is My... Colliery? - Edwin Colyer Park Life - Gareth Chadwick Art In High Places - Louise Tickle Spotlight - Liverpool Sailing Club Business The Green Pound - Matthew Sutcliffe Environmental Champion - Susannah Bleakley The Sharp End - Liz Newton Publication dateDecember 2006 MBC197 SourceNW Issue 12 Regional Round-Up Local Round-Up New Model Farming - Mark Hillsdon International Rescue - Mark Lupton Spotlight - Dr Kevin Anderson Business Canal Mania - Deborah Mulhearn Looking For Answers - Paul Unger Environmental Champion - Ailsa Holmes The Sharp End - Chris Baines Publication dateJune 2003 MBC186 SourceNW Issue 1 Round-Up Campaign-Round Up Critical Coastlines - Steve Connor Bathing Beauties - Ian Herbert Spotlight - Laurence Rose Business We Have The Power - Ian Herbert On The Waterfront - David Ward Research The Sharp End - Michael Taylor Publication dateMarch 2007 MBC112 The Keyboard is Mightier than the Sword Here in the 21st century any environmental campaign worth it's salt will have an online presence, but having a website is old news now and blogging is the new rock and roll. Louise Tickle explores the benefits that having a weblog can provide for an organisation and finds out what you need to do to make your own blog a success. Publication dateSeptember 2005 MBC088 Public Bodies With the installation of Antony Gormley’s Another Place on Crosby beach, Matthew Sutcliffe interviews the artist about his inspiration for the work and his reasons behind choosing Crosby as its UK home. Publication dateSeptember 2008 MBC135 Art in High Places As part of a wider regeneration strategy for East Lancashire, four new pieces of public art, collectively known as Panopticons, have been installed on remote hilltops around the region. The location of the new artwork was chosen to help people see the East Lancashire area from a new angle. Once you have trekked up a huge hill to visit one of the four pieces, you find yourself with an unrivalled view of the surrounding countryside that you would not ordinarily have seen. Louise Tickle examines the many challenges faced by the project and explores the benefits other pieces of public art have had on different areas across the Northwest. Publication dateMarch 2007 MBC107 Alien Invasion Japanese knotweed - a plant that can grow through concrete and damage the foundations of houses. Giant hogweed - a plant that has sap that burns the skin and leaves wounds that can be aggravated by light up to six years after the initial contact. This may sound like something out of a science fiction film, but non-native invasive plants are one of the biggest threats to the UK's biodiversity. Ciara Leeming investigates some of the countries most dangerous plants and explores the problems associated with their control and eradication.