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Publication dateMarch 2009 MBC142 Environmental Champion - Pete Bradshaw Source talks to Pete Bradshaw, corporate social responsibility manager at Manchester City Football Club. He discusses how his previous career led him to his current position and explains the ways Manchester City FC are working with communities to promote sustainability. Publication dateSeptember 2009 MBC177 Wild Mersey (Source) The Mersey Estuary was once labelled the most polluted estuary in Europe. Today that statement couldn’t be further than the truth. Since the rivers epic clean-up campaign the estuary has become a site of international importance for bird species and the wider river basin plays host to a range of diverse habitats that support numerous animal, plant and bird species. Chris Baines examines some of the natural wonders of the Mersey Basin and introduces us to a few of the fantastic species that make the River Mersey their home. Publication dateSeptember 2003 MBC187 SourceNW Issue 2 Round-Up Campaign Round-Up Sensors Of The Sea - Edwin Colyer This Land Is Our Land - Ben Willis Spotlight - Professor Peter Batey Business Chemical Solutions - Paul Unger Research The Sharp End - Jim McClelland Publication dateDecember 2003 MBC188 SourceNW Issue 3 Round-Up Interview - Elliot Morley Timeline 2025 - Ian Herbert Seconds Out, Round Four - Karma Ockenden Spotlight - Joe Dwek Business Venice Of The North - Ben Willis Research The Sharp End - Dr Mark Everard Publication dateApril 2004 MBC189 SourceNW Issue 4 Round-Up Campaign Round-Up Building Bridges - Deb Mulhearn The Debt Spiral - Louise Tickle Spotlight - Sara Wilde Business Hot Water - Phil Griffin Research The Sharp End - Dr John Ashton Publication dateJune 2004 MBC190 SourceNW Issue 5 Regional Round-Up Local Round-Up Waterside Winner - Ben Willis Spending Money Like Water - Louise Tickle Spotlight - Ruth Turner Business Otters, Orchids & Oil - Erikka Askeland Research The Sharp End - Julian Taylor Publication dateSeptember 2004 MBC192 SourceNW Issue 6 Regional Round-Up Local Round-Up Wind In Their Sails - Deborah Mulhearn The Hidden Pollution - Edwin Colyer Spotlight - Lesley Brannan Business Rescue Me - David Ward Research The Sharp End - Claire Curtis-Thomas Publication dateJanuary 2005 MBC193 SourceNW Issue 7 Regional Round-Up Local Round-Up Canal Watch - Mark Hillsdon Speaking Out - Louise Tickle Business Derbyshire Life - Kevin Gopal Resarch The Sharp End - Ian MacArthur