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Publication dateSeptember 2003 MBC222 Towards a branding / naming strategy for the Mersey Basin Campaign A report on the process undertaken in 2003 with a view to rebranding and possibly renaming the Mersey Basin Campaign. The process included workshops and interviewed with both staff and stakeholders, and this report is particularly interesting in terms of their perceptions of the Campaign and its values and characteristics. Publication dateNovember 2009 MBC211 Audio - Mersey Basin Campaign and social media Chief Executive Walter Menzies and New Media Manager Kate Fox discuss the Campaign's use of social media tools. This piece was originally recorded for use on the resource site for the third sector. Publication dateDecember 2009 MBC240 Waterproof Northwest: 2030 scenarios A series of scenarios produced for Waterproof Northwest, an Environment Agency-funded project aimed at engaging local authorities and especially planners with the EU's Water Framework Directive. These scenarios were used for consultation work, and people were asked to select which they felt was the most likely future for the Northwest. The research was carried out during 2009, and the scenarios are set in 2030. Publication dateDecember 2009 MBC241 Project outline: Mersey Waterfront An outline of the Mersey Waterfront Regional Park programme (2002-2010)- a far-reaching and long-term programme of investment, influencing and coordination along the 135km of diverse coastline of the Mersey. The programme's aim was to transform, energise and connect the Mersey Waterfront and all its assets, to create a unique sense of place which attracted people to live, work, invest and visit. Publication dateDecember 2009 MBC243 Partnership case study: Unilever PLC Case study focusing on the partnership between the Mersey Basin Campaign and Unilever PLC. The document examines the reasons for Unilever's involvement with the Campaign, the nature of their partnership, and draws out some of the benefits gained from the union. Publication dateSeptember 2004 MBC164 Mersey Basin Campaign: a partnership approach to river basin management The Mersey Basin Campaign was established as one of the series initiatives, launched in the wake of riots in Liverpool, that were designed to kick start regeneration of England’s Northwest. At the time the Secretary of State for the Environment, Michael Heseltine called the River Mersey ”an affront to the standards a civilised society should demand of its environment". It was recognised that a combination of public, private voluntary sector action was necessary, leading to the Mersey Basin Campaign partnership being formed in 1985. This partnership has developed since its inception, with changes in the governance structure of the Campaign creating wider participation from business, academia, community and voluntary groups. The partnership of the Mersey Basin Campaign brings together disparate groups and sectors to work together towards a shared mission. Today, the Mersey and its tributaries are cleaner than at any time since the industrial revolution. The transformation of the River Mersey has been supported by a combination of major investment and genuine partnership working at regional and local level. Publication dateSeptember 2009 MBC178 Thirteen from Twenty-five Source introduces the thirteen critical success factors that guided the Mersey Basin Campaign through 25 years of environmental action. Publication dateSeptember 2005 MBC087 Keeping Up Appearances Liverpool's Garden Festival was a roaring success in the summer of 1984 but over the past 20 years the site has become derelict and dilapidated due to lack of foresight and no investment in long-term maintenance. Now developers have bought the site and they will work with The Land Restoration Trust to bring the site back to its former glory. Ben Willis looks at other projects in the Northwest that are incorporating innovative management schemes into their plans to ensure their projects are kept well maintained for years to come.